About Us

About Us

Company Profile

First Class Travel CO. is a  Kefalonia Island based company with corporate headquarters in Argostoli.

Our Commiment

First Class Travel CO. is committed to delivering a range of quality assured services across the travel and yachting industry. First Class Travel CO. tailors each service to the individual needs of the customer – whether it is a fully integrated global package, the handling of a single port call, or a last minute request to a concierge specialist. First Class Travel CO. depends on its people, their training and local expertise to reach the highest standards of service. With a commitment to excellence, accountability and transparency, First Class Travel CO. strives to provide a premium value to all clients.

 Our People

Christos Vagelatos Co-Funder - Yachting Director

Christos Vagelatos
Co-Funder – Yachting Director

Andreas Kotsoros<br />Co-Funder - Concierge Director

Andreas Kotsoros
Co-Funder – Concierge Director

Our Offices

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